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Google grants 30,000€ to support research of AI x Experience

As machine learning (ML) continues to grow in reach and power, we increasingly require input, guidance and oversight from humans. Exploring the interface between human and machine creativity is ultimately as much a design question as it is a technological one, perhaps even one reaching the philosophical realm.

In 2020, Google started collaborating with TU Delft’s Prof Derek Lomas and Frederik Ueberschär in the scope of a Master’s thesis, in which they researched and explored the intersection of data-driven, aesthetic experiences and playful interaction to foster public engagement with climate change. Landshapes, the interactive installation emerging from that project, was exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2021 and praised for its novel use of machine learning and aesthetic to fascinate and engage its visitors.

Google now decided to continue its collaboration with Lomas and Ueberschär and support the research with a grant of 30,000€. The aim is to contribute to the theory and working methods of the field of AI and Experience by exploring approaches that can use the human aesthetic rating data to inform the creative output of a ML model. The collaboration seeks to put people in the centre of AI workflows and explore this often technical human-machine interaction from a human-centred design perspective.


If you are interested in our research or see an opportunity for collaboration, please reach out to either: Frederik Ueberschär or Derek Lomas